Scarlet River Management pull out all the stops to make their artists feel valued and supported. I could not have successfully release a number one single without Scarlet River Management. No task is too big and the way they empower their clients is commendable. First class company



I had the pleasure of attending the final night of Scarlet River Management’s recent tour featuring Danny McMahon, Stevie O’Connor, Elliot Joseph and Zoee at The Broadcast in Glasgow.

Fantastic night, very well organised and an incredible combination of very diverse musicians. A packed out venue on a Monday night, and well worth the 9 hour return journey!

Danny mcmahon

(country artist)

World class music management company specialising in modern country music

charlotte young


On behalf of Hicktown Breakout, Scarlet River Management have become a key partner supporting how we promote our style of country rock, manage our gig bookings and push our new music out to the right contacts in the UK and International Country scene.. Rachel and Team are awesome!

hicktown breakout

(Country Artist)

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