Charlotte Young

Scarlet River Management pull out all the stops to make their artists feel valued and supported. I could not have successfully release a number one single without Scarlet River Management. No task is too big and the way they empower their clients is commendable. First class company

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I had the pleasure of attending the final night of Scarlet River Management’s recent tour featuring Danny McMahon, Stevie O’Connor, Elliot Joseph and Zoee at The Broadcast in Glasgow.

Fantastic night, very well organised and an incredible combination of very diverse musicians. A packed out venue on a Monday night, and well worth the 9 hour return journey!

Adele & Andy

Adele & ANDY

country MUSIC Duo

Rachel has just completed a campaign for our latest single “Took his love away.” We cannot speak highly enough of Rachel and her complete professionalism throughout the whole process. Rachel gives thoughtful advice & is extremely approachable. Rachel has clearly built some very productive relationships throughout the country scene and we have certainly benefited from them. We would not have had the success we have had without Rachel's involvement & have no hesitation in recommended her to other artists.

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Hicktown Breakout

On behalf of Hicktown Breakout, Scarlet River Management have become a key partner supporting how we promote our style of country rock, manage our gig bookings and push our new music out to the right contacts in the UK and International Country scene.. Rachel and Team are awesome!

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Rachel is a enthusiastic hard worker that does her best to exceed any expectations set by artists and presenters alike. As a host of a podcast, I have seen first hand that Rachel has worked tirelessly to ensure her artists receive the recognition they deserve! I would highly recommend Rachel to any artist that are struggling with their social media, or if you seem to be stuck at a brick wall, she will help you through it!

Caitlin Mae

After utilising the services of Scarlet River Management to help with the promotion of my two Christmas singles, I have to say I was delighted. Rachel ran a very thorough and organized campaign and was able to guide me through the do's and dont's of getting my music seen by the right people within the industry. Rachel's dedication is second to none and I highly recommend her.

hicktown breakout

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Dom Crooke

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caitlin mae

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Emma Moore

country MUSIC Artist

Bringing Rachel into the fold for 'the table'; was one of the best decisions I made in the run up to its release. She made my life so much easier, booking countless Radio and Print engagements - all I had to do was turn up. She's such a pleasure to work with, a great collaborator, and just a valuable sounding board for so many things.

Ben Selleck

country music artist

If you’re anything like me, and feel confident about the music you create but find the online world of promo and social media a bit of a minefield, then I wholeheartedly recommend working with Rachel and the team at Scarlet River Management. They can open doors for you that you may not even realise are there. By working with SRM I immediately felt less overwhelmed, a rising level of self confidence & ended up with a single release that excelled in all my expectations.


PR with Rachel has been an absolute BREEZE. From the initial phone call to the end of the campaign I have felt so at ease and confident. Rachel just gets the job done and has a supportive, encouraging personality to go with it.

Georgia Nevada
country music artist